Integrative Medicine 

dr. bill reederMany patients seek treatment options beyond those offered by conventional medical care. Dr Bill Reeder, a Registered General Medical Practitioner and Functional Medicine Practitioner, is trained in both conventional and certain areas of complementary medicine. He offers consultations with his comprehensive level of expertise and understanding about these treatments.Integrative Medicine Practitioner Dr Bill Reeder has spent years studying top treatments from the fields of alternative medicine, integrative medicine to complement conventional medicine.

Dr Bill Reeder is a Registered General Medical Practitioner. His primary practice scope is Integrative Medicine. He has attended many post-graduate education courses with organisations such as ACNEM (Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine), AIMA (Australasian Integrative Medicine Association), ACMN – IV Nutrition,  A4M (American Academy of Anti Aging Medicine), WOSAAM (World Anti Aging Associations) in Europe, Autistic Spectrum Disorder (DAN) training in the US as well as many other Australian and NZ functional medicine workshops and courses.
He is a member of the New Zealand Association of MusculoSkeletal Medicine (NZAMM).

Currently he works with a range of health disorders outlined on this website. Please note that he is not a medical specialist under New Zealand medical law. Neither does he practice as a GP.

Whilst Dr. Reeder had a long previous experience in general medical practice he no longer offers (GP) pharmaceutical services for patients, his field is in the range of chronic illness, functional medicine, optimising ageing, natural hormone therapies and pain. (refer to the Home page for the full list). However he also fully recognises the need for medications in appropriate medical situations in which case referral back to the patient’s GP will be discussed.

Dr Reeder is blessed to work with a wonderful team!  This is truly Integrative Health. 

Our team take the time to listen and understand what our patients need and what works for them. We then create a personalised, proactive, and long-term health plan addressing their specific health concerns and health goals. We may recommend further investigations for their symptoms and suggest therapies that combine conventional and functional approaches.

Sue Oliver  – is our newest expert – whose passion for many years has been in the exploration and health applications of OZONE. This gas has been used for healing and detoxing for many decades in many ways – intravenous, rectal, topical, in creams and oils etc. Sue has brought into the clinic a very advanced HOCATT Ozone machine for multiple health problems. Please call the reception to book in for an appointment.

Eugenia Nikiforow  – highly skilled Nutrionist specialising in weight management especially the emotional links to eating and the relationship to food. It has been said by experts that for many very overweight people, it is not just about what you eat but how the emotions, the stresses of life – interact with biochemistry and the brain! She also runs YOGA classes – as group fun sessions or private. Eugenia walks the talk! Eugenia has a passion for coaching her clients into better mental and physical well-being. This can apply not only to food and nutrition but all aspects of life’s success. Visit her website for more information

Andy Benge  – a Functional Medicine qualified Pharmacist. She knows how to select and dose supplements, how to safely combine nutrients and medicines. She has  a strong interest in Autism spectrum and ADHD disorders. What is more amazing is her development of a visual and data-filled interpretation of your genetic profiling. Especially Methylation – (if you havent heard of this then its time to see Andy). Genetics is the fixed  code of life – but epigenetics is how life and your actions alter, improve or worsen that genetic map expression – so you can change your genetic destiny. See her website for more information

Truly Godfrey  – Breast Thermography is her specialty. Truly visits once a month to offer this service. To book an appointment or for more information go to

We also work with a trainee Naturopath Michelle White.

Sabine is our Office Manager and Medical PA who will be your go-to person for administrative help.
She makes sure our clinic is well organised and coordinates all office administration and procedures ensuring organizational effectiveness, efficiency and safety. With a degree in Business Economics and a Certificate in Bio Individual Nutrition she is well equipped. Those who are experiencing health problems may call her for any enquiries. In making appointments, patients should tell Sabine a little about their health issue, without too much personal detail, so she can best allot time and recommend which forms to download and complete before the patient’s date of appointment. Contact Sabine:

Joanne provides and will demonstrate for you the ENJO complete residential and commercial cleaning system – this is a full range of Austrian hi-tech fibre products which ELIMINATES chemical cleaners and requires only cold water. Both indoors and outdoors range. Workload is reduced by half, leaving a hygienic, chemical-free sparkling home or workplace. For information see her website for this remarkable system. 

Jo can also advise patients about personal care products and additive free nutrition – the recognition and use of chemical free brands. What is becoming recognised and not before time, is the profound threat especially to our vulnerable children and unborn from environmental toxins. These range from the obvious in foods to the hidden such as cleaning products, moulds in damp homes and personal care products. Workplace chemicals seem unavoidable. Yet much can be done to reduce this exposure.
Contact Jo: