What is Integrative Medicine?

As described on the home page, there have been many ways to describe non-drug or non-pharmaceutical methods for treating illness. The tendency is either this or that. A gulf exists between so called natural therapies and what is termed mainstream or conventional methods. To integrate, removes this barrier and embraces the use of any treatment that is above all else as safe as possible but must have a successful result.
It could be a pharmaceutical drug or perhaps the use of Reiki methods – depends on the case in question.
The problems arise when the treatment provider has personal bias against one treatment type over another irrespective of its merits and safety.
Integration is the ideal. It involves letting go of bias, intolerance and yes, ego. But also it means adhering to the evidence behind the choices and ensuring a better, safer treatment is not with-held from the patient.

Do I need a referral

No, you don’t need a referral. You can call our clinic on 07 856 8568  to book an appointment.

Can I claim Dr Reeder’s consultations from my health insurance?

Yes, you can if you have GP cover as Dr Reeder is not a ‘specialist’, but is a registered medical practitioner. Check with your insurer to be sure what limits they have for each consultation or other medical service.

How long is the first appointment for?

We allow an hour for new patients. This allows time to go through your medical history. Dr Reeder can answer all your questions and he will give you a plan of action according to your particular health issues. Some consultations may not require an hour assessment if a non-complex issue – please give some indication to staff if you think a shorter time would suffice. 

Should I send medical notes or records before I come?

Its a very good idea to come well prepared with as much relevant material and in particular a bullet point timeline of your history, lab results, treatments etc. This can reduce time for Dr Reeder to get all the medical history at your consultation and better allow time for the actual problem and solutions.

Please note though, sending in the data beforehand is fine, but Dr Reeder will not necessarily look over this information until your actual appointment – unless you give permission to prepare for the consultation in which case there will be the usual fee for time.

What are the fees?

Please go to the about us page for a detailed list. The fee for a phone consultation and physical consultation are the same as they are both time based.