Yet more on IV Vitamin C

OneNews highlighted Prof. Margreet Vissers’ world class research on high dose Vit C and how it actually kills cancer cells.
Their report says “Professor Vissers has been studying how vitamin C works in tumour tissue for the past decade. Her previous ground-breaking study, published last year, examined bowel and endometrial tumor tissue and discovered that patients with higher levels of vitamin C in their tumours had extended disease-free survival.”

“The use of vitamin C by cancer patients is commonplace but highly controversial,” Professor Vissers said.
“Some patients claim to benefit but we’ve been short on clinical evidence. If vitamin C works, we need to know how it works and for which tumours. If this study shows that breast cancer responds in the same way as bowel cancer, we’ll be able to include breast cancer patients in upcoming clinical studies.”

I personally have attended Prof. Vissers lectures on this topic. She has found the actual enzyme that is affected by Vit C in high dose. There are other actions too, discovered by researchers over the last few decades. It all adds another part to the science explaining what I have observed over many thousands of IV infusions. I could not be without this powerful treatment not only for cancer but other inflammatory and infection based cases.

See the onenews video clip here


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